Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unwanted Meddling Into China's Internal Affairs

Recently, a video has been posted on the internet which shows a bleeding woman in Shanghai's Pudong airport being helped by a single laowai while a crowd of Chinese onlookers mulls about.  The netizen comments to this video have been predictable - Chinese people should be ashamed.  Why would no one help this poor, helpless old lady other than a single foreigner? Blah blah blah.

It's these unpatriotic netizens who should be ashamed for denigrating their countrymen in such a despicable way. Of course it's the laowai who attended to the injured old woman - Western imperialists are constantly and repeatedly meddling in the internal affairs of other people.  The Chinese onlookers were simply adhering to a fundamental principle of non-interference.  This should not be looked down upon.  It's a virtue, one which the Chinese nation strives to adhere to each and every day.

To any other laowai who might be contemplating "helping" someone they don't know, please remember that you have no right to impose your hypocritical, imperialist values on the Chinese people and we will strongly resist any attempts by you to do so!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keep China Informed!

According to an article in today's China Daily, Premier Wen firmly requested that Japan keep China abreast of any new developments in the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Wen called for Japan to strictly adhere to related international laws, take preventive measures, and promptly and accurately inform China on the latest updates.
This is only fair and right.  As we all know, China has never failed to provide other countries with timely updates on issues affecting them.  For example, during the 2003 SARS epidemic China was a paradigm of transparency and responsibility.

We all join Grandpa Wen in calling on the shifty Japanese to stop endangering Chinese peoples lives with their obtuse obfuscations!

Gloriously Defend the Motherland From Unauthorized Prayer!

On Sunday morning, the Chinese State Security and Police once again demonstrated why they have earned the unfaltering love and adoration of the Chinese people.  In the early hours of the morning in Beijing's northeast Haidian District, they stood firm against a group of unruly agitators hell bent on a mission to tear asunder the very fabric of Chinese society.  With shifty motives and shiftier goals, this gang of twenty deviants planned to descend upon the Haidian Plaza and shock the world with a few moments of peaceful prayer.

Yes, you heard me right.  "Peaceful" prayer.

Luckily for our glorious China, the brave men and women of the Public Safety bureau risked life and limb facing off against these ruffians, showing up en masse and crushing this counter-revolutionary threat before it even began.

If you stoop to reading the Western press, you might be tricked into asking yourself:  Why bother hassling such a small number of people over such a trivial matter?  Was it really necessary to round them up and arrest them like so many common thugs?  Was physically beating them into submission really necessary?

In answer to these questions, first I would tell you to mind your own business and stop interfering in the internal affairs of our great China.

Then I would say that it was an absolutely necessary action in line with the laws and regulations of our modern and developed country.  These people, these Christians, could not be allowed to pray for a very simple reason:  we have no idea what they were praying for. This is very, very dangerous.  Remember what happened when Moses prayed?  The frogs and locusts would acceptable - those would all be eaten.  But, the river turning to blood?  The death of the first born?  These would be disastrous to society and cannot be allowed to happen.

In a modern and developed China, everyone knows that the only acceptable prayer is government approved prayer.  History proves that when the government does not review each and every prayer, disaster strikes as the Titanic, World War II, and 9/11 prove.  The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from such calamities and thus, are acting in the interests of society by reeducating anyone who does not agree.

So, let us all give our thanks to those at the front line in this war against unauthorized prayer.  May they protect us for 10,000 years!