Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unwanted Meddling Into China's Internal Affairs

Recently, a video has been posted on the internet which shows a bleeding woman in Shanghai's Pudong airport being helped by a single laowai while a crowd of Chinese onlookers mulls about.  The netizen comments to this video have been predictable - Chinese people should be ashamed.  Why would no one help this poor, helpless old lady other than a single foreigner? Blah blah blah.

It's these unpatriotic netizens who should be ashamed for denigrating their countrymen in such a despicable way. Of course it's the laowai who attended to the injured old woman - Western imperialists are constantly and repeatedly meddling in the internal affairs of other people.  The Chinese onlookers were simply adhering to a fundamental principle of non-interference.  This should not be looked down upon.  It's a virtue, one which the Chinese nation strives to adhere to each and every day.

To any other laowai who might be contemplating "helping" someone they don't know, please remember that you have no right to impose your hypocritical, imperialist values on the Chinese people and we will strongly resist any attempts by you to do so!

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